Artist Uuganbayar


Uuganbayar Kh

Born in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 1979.

Graduated from 

  • 1996 College of Fine Arts, Ulaanbaatar
  • 1998 Mongolian State University of Culture and Arts
  • 2006 Minerva Art Academy, University of Applied Sciences, Hanze University Groningen, Netherlands


  • 1999 Sand of Time, solo exhibition
  • 2000 Color of Thought, joint exhibition
  • 2000 Wind of Time, solo exhibition
  • 2002 Beyond Borders, joint exhibition of international artists, Groningen, Netherlands
  • 2003 Untitled, one man show,  Kunst Centrum, Groningen, Netherlands
  • 2004 Untitled, one man show, Assen, Netherlands
  • 2005 Lithograph, joint exhibition, Hanburg, Germany
  • 2006 Real Exit, Genghis Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • 2007 Make Some Noice, joint exhibition, Xanadu Art Gallery
  • 2007 Untitled, joint exhibition, UMA Art Gallery
  • 2007 Untitled, solo exhibition, MICA, Singapore


  • 2007 Why, international land art exhibition, D Zanabazar Museum, Red Ger Gallery
  • 2008 Metamorphosis, solo exhibition, Heng Artland, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 2009 Metamorphosis, solo exhibition, Heng Artland, Singapore
  • 2010 Soaring, solo exhibition, Heng Artland, Singapore
  • 2010 Studio-4, joint exhibition, Tsagaandarium Art Gallery
  • 2011 "2012", joint exhibition, UMA art gallery
  • 2012 Gallen Fairytales from The Cosmos, Tsagaandarium Art Gallery
  • 2014 Time & Space Nomadic Art Residence, joint exhibition, ACM, 976 Art Gallery
  • 2016 Subtitle, joint exhibition, Art Gallery of Union of Mongolian Artists
  • 2017 Noematic Field, solo exhibition, Red Ger & UB Art Gallery

  Uuganbayar Kh is an individual artist whose way of making art is essentially to illustrate the connections among human beings, nature, and extraordinary characteristics of animal kingdom. He sees these astonishing yet natural traits of creatures from different perspectives, and tries to put them together in his artworks. Uuganbayar is interested in making arts that indirectly inform us the current ecological issues and conditions, and could make positive changes in people's minds. Through his arts, the artist is aiming at creating his own world, full of reflections of nature, its limitless qualities, and human mind.